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Additional notes on what we can help you with

 Astroneer is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service.
We provide the following services:

  • Aerospace and mechanical engineering help and consultation.
  • Aerospace proposal independent review (we have years of competitive proposal experience)
  • Auto safety and engineering talks
  • Space flight instrument and sensor design, management and market research, creation of design teams.
  • All aspects of space and aerospace  proposals (non NASA only)
  • Technology transfer into commercial designs .
  • Educational  material consultation, innovative space, design and educational talks,  educational consumer product design and writing
  • Technology development and investment analysis and management consultation.
  • We  create and work consumer producst as well related to science,  entertainment and space. Create and consult on space and astronomy  educational products, video games and books.
  • Consult on TV and movies as well as do science and space voice overs and interviews.

We have experience with innovative, low cost proposal and mission design .

  Discover the power that experience can bring to innovative pursuits
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