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ASTRONEER (R) - Innovative space technology and exploration

Our Missions - Accessing resources in space and innovative Earth observing

  •  Develop missions to access space resources  - We were founded on this goal. To develop, design and implement missions to explore the moon, Mars and asteroids and access and use the resources there. The technologies and subsystems needed must be advanced.

  • Innovative Earth observing - Our goal is to help innovative low cost commercial earth reconnaissance.

Helping your 'Mission' - We combine hard to find space mission, instrument, new business, technology knowledge and experience

 We provide new business expertise, space mission and instrument design, systems engineering, a full range of technology development expertise, proposal and education solutions. 

Created  to provide your organization and project cost effective access to  engineering, science and management expertise for your start up with  decades of mechanical design, space hardware and technology design experience. 

 We are experienced reviewers and can serve on review teams.  We have years of spaceflight mission instrument/sensor design experience as well as complex technology development and new business experience.

We develop space exploration and resource access missions and solutions. We provide low cost help to your mission, design, review, proposals, consumer education and kids products and other needs.

 We bring that experience to space project that span from outer planet and asteroid to earth observations and all the way to earth bound applications sensors and educational products.

We can combine engineering education and auto safety talks for teens.

We can create and give talks and presentations on space, engineering, and  technology. 

You can consult with knowledgeable and easy to work with engineers. 

Experienced  reviewers, all aspects of aerospace proposals, mission and   instrument/sensor design and consulting, bringing space education to  consumer products. space exploration and resources Astroneer

Consumer and educational products and videos

  •  We create and help create space based and themed consumer products.
  • We consult for and create space and astronomy educational products, clothing, games, video games and books. We  consult on and can appear in TV, videos and movies as well as do science, game and space voice overs and interviews. See Astroneer Technologies (TM), AstroneerGear (TM) and AstroneerGames (TM)  products at Astroneer.org 
  • We  can create novel accurate and original consumer space and science  educational and TV show and gift products.
  •  We are open to stock and future royalty work on educational products, games or books for future royalties

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Formed in 2008. Made in the USA.


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